Boys and girls, come out to play…

And now, for something  t r u l y   d i s t u r b i n g . . . 

Play With Me is an interactive stop-motion animation via some clever quicktime jiggery pokery, by Van Sowerwine. A little girl, an animated doll, sits in her wendy house waiting for instructions, for you to play with her. A number of objects within the frame glow eerily, clicking on them will instigate action in the girl, further clicking further actions etc. and so it goes. But be warned: it never ends well.

This is a portrait of a  s e v e r l y  troubled little girl, made all the more alarming (fun?) by the viewers active culpability in the end result.

Some objects have more than one route to take to achieve different results, so do ‘play’ around… The sound design is extremely sparse but I do recommend you turn up your speakers as loud as possible as in certain results the sound plays a very important role, or at the very least deepens the experience… ‘Enjoy’.

~ by benjaminlouche on August 23, 2010.

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