Electric (Bad) Dreams

And so I come across yet another artist online of a Lynchian bent (the previous having been discussed here). Unomoralez (apparently once known as Indi) as far as I can gather chiefly makes computer art, or ‘pixel art’, often somewhat  d i s t u r b i n g  art at that:

He also produces a nice line in animated .gifs, short little loops with a decidedly strong quotient of  ‘ o t h e r n e s s ‘  ; and while that’s not enough to dub him Lynchian per se, while scrolling through his work I then stumbled upon these: 

So there you are then. Although I have to admit Uno, or Mr. Moralez, or Unomoralez (however it is he wishes to be addressed) is at his strongest when left to his own often deviant, nightmarish devices.

Um, ‘enjoy’ and let them  f i l l   y o u r   d r e a m s . . .


~ by benjaminlouche on July 12, 2010.

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