“I see the liquid of your eyes…”

A number of ‘neighbours’ at the last Double R enquired about the song I used for my opening number.

The song was a slightly truncated version of ‘Shoot The Works’, from the album by Fox Bat Strategy: A Tribute to Dave Jaurequi, a musical project overseen by Lynch, who also wrote the lyrics.

Musicians used on the project included those who featured on the Fire Walk With Me soundtrack, on the legendary tracks ‘The Pink Room’ and ‘Blue Frank’.

‘Overseen’ seems like the best way to describe Lynch’s role in the recording studio. Of the creation of the track ‘Rollin’ Down With You’, guitarist Smokey Hormel recalls:

“It’s the fifties. It’s late at night and it’s been raining.” That was all Lynch said. He turned around and walked out of the studio, back into the control room where he disappeared from view behind the thick, dark, double-glass wall. I looked over at Stephen, Andy, Don and Dave. We all looked at each other with similar expression of “OK. What do we do now?”

Much like the promised Thought Gang album that has never materialised (damnit!), the Fox Bat Strategy album languished on a shelf somewhere for over a decade, released finally as a tribute the vocalist Dave Jaurequi, who died suddenly in 2006. And despite the fact that the cover looks like the worst attempt at join the dots in the history of man, the album is thoroughly Lynchian and 
t h o r o u g h l y  recommended. Go buy it.

“Crawl down
To the dark corner, baby
Where God can’t see us die
See us die…”

~ by benjaminlouche on June 11, 2010.

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