Return to Winkie’s…?

Could it be…? Should it be…?

If so this would be Lynch’s first sequel, and as such is a somewhat troubling prospect. But then, if the rumours are true,  I would suggest that it’s much more likely to be a ‘sister’ film to Mulholland Drive, more an exploration of any ideas from the original that ended on the cutting room floor, it was to have been a TV show after all, and so must have had many story threads that were left undeveloped and unexplored…

Whatever the truth behind this, the very idea that Lynch might be working on a new film is good news and sets The Louche’s heart, such as it is, quite a-flutter…

UPDATE:  T H E   R U M O U R   G R O W S . . .

(image courtesy of The Private Press, publishers of poetry anthologies inspired by Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive & Blue Velvet)

~ by benjaminlouche on April 19, 2010.

One Response to “Return to Winkie’s…?”

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