Sin Titulo

For those of a Lynchian bent (and I’m not sure why anyone else would be reading this) Sin Titulo is a web comic with a definite eye for the dark and the uncanny, the strange and the mysterious…

I won’t give too much away, except to say that what starts out as a fairly straightforward mystery for our man Alex, quickly turns into something altogether darker and nightmarish, including mangled memories, bad dreams, scenes of violence, unknown callers, police investigations and all manner of creeping unease and conundrums.

There are definite echoes of both Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive in the story and visuals, but so far it seems to have enough of its own ideas to keep the reader intrigued.

I will warn you however that at the time of posting the comic isn’t finished and so may leave you feeling somewhat frustrated. However it’s updated every week, and while this may feel like something of a drip feed, it will keep you gagging to find out just what happens next…

Who is Vacek? What lies buried in the box on the impossible beach? What really happened in room 3? And what monstrous thing is heralded by that strange tearing sound…?

My hope is that Sin Titulo’s eventual conclusion isn’t too heavy on the explanations and on the tying up of loose ends, retaining at least some of its mystery, ambiguity and… well, Lynchness.


~ by benjaminlouche on April 4, 2010.

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